My Experience With A Digital Marketing Consultant

As a busy attorney with a host of firm management responsibilities, I often find it difficult to get through my to-do list on a daily, or even monthly basis. When the partners asked me to build and oversee a marketing plan to take us into the next few years, I was understandably quite overwhelmed.

When it came to new, innovative ways to attract clients and get the word out about what we do, I was admittedly pretty clueless. While I certainly knew that our competitors were making the most of digital technology in their outreach and publicity campaigns, I was not entirely sure how to go about doing the same thing for our office.

Fortunately, a friend of mine referred me to a skilled, local digital marketing consultant Anton and that was the beginning of a terrific relationship. In no time at all, I was exposed to all sorts of effective strategies that piqued my interest and spoke directly to our needs.

Now that we have implemented some of our consultant’s preferred techniques, we are already seeing impressive results. The firm has retained several new clients this month alone, and the wave of increased business shows no sign of slowing anytime soon!


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